The village Damouchari

Damouchari, this means five taverns and the corresponding apartments or hotels. There are some additional apartment houses outside the village. In the end, the village is a small street of 100 m, the small harbour and the neighbouring pebble beach. There may be 100 tourist beds, but tourist from neighbouring villages like to come to Damouchari for bathing or sitting in the taverns – it’s just a romantic place.

In the foreground you see the pebble beach of Damouchari. Behind this, you see the harbour which has no quays. Not visible the former natural harbour, today a natural swimming pool (see pictures below). Since all the bathing places look towards different directions, you will find a place to bath even with high waves. Cars park outside the village. Who tries to go down though forbidden does not find a parking place.

Damouchari is the summer village of Mouresi and Tsangarada, two places at 500 to 600 m above sea level. The small bay that forms today a natural swimming pool was in earlier times the only natural harbour on the entire coast between Volos and Katerini.

Therefore, Damouchari is to be found on the map of 1829 as Tamougari. Today, the neighbouring villages of Papa Nero and Agios Joannis are bigger.