The weather: similar to Mallorca

Between May and October, temperatures vary between 23 and 38 degrees, with an average of 32 degrees in high summer. In the night, there use to arrive cooling falling winds from the mountainside. Even in July and August you will rarely use the air condition. If it gets really hot for one or two days, you go to the mountainside where you find temperatures under 25 degrees. Water temperatures are of 22 degrees in May and of 26 in August. Bathing is possible until early November.


Pilion is extremely forested. Therefore, also in summer you may have one or two days with thunderstorm if you stay for three weeks. In May/June and September/October, a two days rain period is possible – like in Mallorca.

This is the normal view: sunshine and light wind. View towards Agios Jioannis.

This is the exception: thunderstorm front in July 2010.