Mamma Mía

The producers of the film needed a place that resembled 1980 since the action takes place at that time. It was only consequent to choose Damouchari which had conserved the charm of earlier years without traffic and high-rise buildings.

In September of 2008, all inhabitants of Damouchari became extras in the film. The resting shots were taken in the neighbouring island of Skopelos.

There is a  part of film where you see Merril Streep dancing trough the village down to the harbour of Damouchari. Klick on the picture above!


For the film a new landing stage was constructed. Against the protest of the inhabitants is has been demolished later for security reasons.


     One of the dancing scenes.     


Merryl Streep among extras from the village. 


Shots from the terrace of Tomas’ café.


The one and only little street of Damouchari disguised as 1980 place

Extras observing the shots. In the background, the guy with glasses is not Pierce Brosnan, but Dimitri Karaiskos.

Other films showing Pelion

Pelion Magic Mountain - Summer 2015

A very nice film of Matt Louder showing beaches, taverns, cats, walks and summer life.

Just klick on the picture to see the film in Youtube.