Flower and Herb Guide of Pelion with hiking descriptions

This is the first plant guide with a detailed description of Pelion's flora. The book is made for lay people who want to identify trees, flowers and herbs on their walks. Approximately 25 trees and 90 flowers or herbs are described in English and German.

As an appendix there are 12 detailed hiking descriptions and an overview of the fauna of Pelion. The book can be ordered here online...

Print version: 12,80 + 5€ for international shipping
eBook: 12,80€ (digital shipping)


Due to frequent request we elaborated a seven-days-tour. It leads from Portariá to Chánia, Mouresi, Kissós, Damoúchari, Tsangaráda, Miliés and Kála Nerá. It includes 7 overnight-stays in 5 different villages.

You need the book with the detailed hike descriptions, so you should buy it. You can download the hiking description here...

Tours guided by a local expert

Giórgos Giannákaros, co-author of the Pelion Flora guide, offers hikings where he explains the herbs and flowers, and if possible and allowed, you collect them together. Giorgos is a chemist and a real expert. He speaks English, Hungarian and a little German and French.

Contact him by phone: 0030 694 0624974 or e-mail:  giannakaros.giorgos@gmail.com 

Hiking like in Cinque Terre or the Black Forest


We already mentioned the hiking facilities at the coast: the coastal path to Agios Ioannis and to Fakistra. You can also follow the old donkey paths to Mouresi and Tsangarada. In Tsgangara you can walk from one plateia (place) to the other. There is a romantic coastal path from Choreftó to the little church in the bay after next.


Here at the seaside, the maps are correct. It becomes more difficult in the mountainside where you need some hiking intelligence since the signs often are washed or bleached away.


In the mountainside you can walk round ways between 4 or 7 hours. If you start at the ski ressort of Chania at 1450 above sea level, you reach Mouresi or Tsangarada in 6 hours. A taxi or a friend can bring you up again to fetch the cars.


The following photographs show coastal footpaths. Here you find a map with an overview.


From Tsangarada to Damouchari                             Footpath near Choreftó

Hiking in Greece in summer? Incredible!


If you walk down from Chania to Tsangarada, you go through beech forests, from 900 m on through chestnuts and later through Mediterranean oak trees. Olive trees start at 350 m above sea level since in winter snow comes down to 400m.


You need solid hiking shoes, by preference covering the ankles. It is helpful to bring sticks. Even in summer you might need a slim jacket.