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Pilion is a densely wooded low mountain range on the eastern coast of the Greek mainland half way between Athens and Thessaloniki. The next town is Volos at a distance of 50 km.

The prettiest village in Pilion is Damouchari - a very romantic place, three small beaches, no traffic, 30 houses, five taverns, a small super market. Never crowded. Just like Costa Brava 50 years ago.

Pilion is the right place for people who are looking for peace and relaxing. Who love bathing, but don't want to be in the sun for hours. Who love walking and hiking.

On the coast and in the mountains you  hike in the shadow of lovely forests and olive trees.

We believe that the friendly landlords of the apartments and of the taverns would merit some more tourism which is  nearly completely limited to July and August, and even in these months it is never crowded.

You will get apartments even in high season for 60€ to 70€ if you rent for more than one week. In May/June and in September/October, most of the apartments can be rented for 50€. In the taverns it is difficult to spend more then 25€ for a two persons dinner, a litre of wine included.

So plan a visit to Damouchari or a neihgbouring village for this year or one of the next years.

Hiking in Pelion - With 16 Maps and 100 Flowers and Herbs

This is the first hiking guide with a detailed description of Pelion's flora. The book is made for lay people who want to identify trees, flowers and herbs on their walks. Approximately 25 trees and 90 flowers or herbs are described in English and German.
Additionally you find 16 detailed hiking descriptions and an overview of the fauna of Pelion.
The book can be ordered here onine.

Print version: 14,80 + 5€ for international shipping

eBook: 12,80€ (digital shipping)

Tours guided by a local expert

Giórgos Giannákaros, co-author of the Pelion Flora guide, offers hikings where he explains on request the herbs and flowers, and if possible and allowed, you collect them together.

Giorgos is a chemist and a real expert. He speaks English, Hungarian and a little German and French. Contact him by phone: 0030 694 0624974 or e-mail:   

A Short Pilion-Giude

All  you need to know about Pilion. Information about landscape, history, nature, arquitecture, beaches, attractions, accomodation etc.

Now here on two pages.

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A Panorama with beaches and villages

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What you should know about Pilion

The highest peaks of Pilion reach up to 1550 m. According to old tales the centaurs lived here, men with horse bodies. Since Pilion was always so far away from civilisation, the forests on the Agean side have never been cleared. Pilion is extremely green and abounding in water. Pilion is characterized by deciduous trees. Mediterranean oaks  in the lower parts, chestnuts between 600 and 900 m and above 900 m spacious beech forests.

On the seaside you find wonderful sand or pebble beaches. The main villages are located at 550 m above sea-level. Streets lead down to the summer villages at the coast - Damouchari is one of them.

Mostly, there are no streets between the summer villages. This makes driving strenuous, but on the other hand there is no noise from traffic.

Due to its abundance in water, Pilion has big fruit-growing areas. Marmalades, jellies and all kinds of juices come directly from the region.

Pilion cuisine is everywhere good and tasty. You find a lot of vegetarian dishes like stuffed courgette flowers or tomato balls, also cooked meat in lemon or tomato sauce. On demand you will also get grilled dishes like keftedes (Hamburgers) or souflaki (kebab), but never giros.

Fish dishes will be offered according to the days fishing, so possibly some days not. But you will always get calamares, octopus and gavros (small anchovy). The wine uses to be light, tasty and cheap.

Important: English will be spoken and understood in all taverns or shops.

Not to forget:  Mamma Mía partly has been filmed in Damouchari!

Tip: By kajak to secret bays

In the small natural port of Damoúchari you can rent sea-going kajaks from April to October.
The kajaks are for one or two persons. You can paddle alone or make a guided tour.

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