How to go to Pelion

Pilion is 300 km from Athens, 250 km from Thessaloniki and 50 km from Volos. All of these cities have airports.

By Airplane

Volos has direct flights by some charters. Thessaloniki is nearer to Damouchari then Athens, but often flights to Athens are cheaper. Sometimes you find airlines offering flights for 150€ or less.

By Car

We made the experience that has the best offers for Greece. Both from Athens (3,5 hours) and from Thessaloniki (3 hours) nearly the whole distance can be run on highways (some 10 € toll).

From the Volos airport of Almiros it makes 45 minutes to Volos.

From Volos you take the peripheric road in direction of Portaria. This takes you an additional hour or a little bit more in order to arrive at Damouchari.

Important: After passing through Chania take the road that leads to the ski-center and to Kissós. This is a good and new road, 30 minutes quicker than going in direction of Zagorá. 
When you arrive iat Kissós, turn left, do not enter the village. Look to the map for orientation.

In order to mislead the tourists you find on some road signs the lettering NTAMOUCHARI.

By train, bus or taxi

The main north-south train line of Greece avoids Volos. If you want to come without car, better take the bus in Athens or Thessaloniki, cheap and fast. It runs every two hours.

From Almiros (Volos airport) a taxi may cost 100€. Alternatively you take the bus to Volos and then the normal bus line to Aghios Ioannis. There, your landlord will await you.